Lex Luthor, Prince, and Solving Higher Ed Housing Challenges with Bryon Pierson Jr.

In this episode of Trending in Education, host Mike Palmer speaks with Bryon Pierson Jr, founder and CEO of EDUrain, a company aiming to provide better housing solutions for college students. Bryon shares his personal background, having struggled to find stable housing as a foster care college student who moves 7 times and has 22 roommates. This inspires him to start EDU Rain, which partners with colleges to provide an online housing platform for students to easily search listings, connect with potential roommates, and build credit through rent payments.  

We touch on broader issues facing higher education like housing security and campus safety amid polarization over political issues.We also feature entertaining pop culture tangents, with Bryon comparing EDU Rain’s growth to Lex Luthor’s villainous quest for power, joking about dealing with alien threats, and debating whether Prince or Michael Jackson is the true musical GOAT. Comps to supervillains aside, Bryon stresses his goal is to help vulnerable students find safe and effective housing and roommate solutions. Don’t miss this chance to gain insight into problems college students face finding housing, along with an inspirational story of an entrepreneur using his difficult background to help create solutions.

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