I’ve gotten this question a lot in the last few months from clients and agencies. Since May I’d been doing an extended consulting gig with one of Hitch’s first clients, McNett Corporation.

McNett is a leading outdoor company based right here in Bellingham.  I was having a ball working with them and I suppose I was offering some real value, because they offered me a j-o-b. In most every other circumstance, I would have run away screaming.  Have a boss?  Go to some building every day? I haven’t worked for someone else for a decade. The answer would have been NO. Hell no, in fact.

Except to these guys.  McNett is a great company with great people and a big vision and all the pieces just fell into place.

So what now? Most of my working life will be consumed as Vice President of Marketing for McNett–but I’m not sunsetting Hitch. I’m not actively looking for new clients, but I’m not turning the lights off either. Why? I’d like to continue to be a resource to clients who are in need.  In some cases, recommendations or questions can be answered without a protracted search, so my email and phone # are available.  In other cases, I will still take limited engagements on a case by case basis.

I’ve sincerely enjoyed working and getting to know all of you.  I’m still running in marketing circles (boy am I) and will continue to work at keeping that network alive. I’ve communicated this to my agency partners and all of my clients, but I’ll leave this page up for now, if for no other reason than to maintain SEO.

I will be blogging here from time to time about marketing things that cross my mind–but much more infrequently.

Now, go outside!