Today I stumbled on a a site shared by CC Chapman of a photographer he likes. I thought the shot he highlighted was nice.  Could have been Virginia, but it was Texas.


Seeing that shot reminded me that I don’t have any beauty in my blog reader. Google feeds me words, lots of words.

So in a fit of sublime intervention, the name of a photographer we worked with a lot at the agency in Virginia popped into my head. Hadn’t thought of him in 7-8 years. But there he was: Keith Lanpher, and there was his photo blog.


Thinking of Virginia photographers, I couldn’t leave out a friend, Frank Morgan, whose work I see every day because it graces a wall in my home.  Although he doesn’t have a blog.  I’ll have to get on him about that.  The following is not the shot I have but you get the idea.


Great. Mission accomplished: beauty in my blog reader!  Thanks, CC, Keith, and Frank.

If you enjoyed these shots each one links back out to the photographer’s site.